Monday, January 26, 2004


Remember that TV show Blossom? It was my sister's favorite show, but I didn't really care for it, mostly because of Joey Lawrence and his "whoa!" and his mane of hair, which I was probably jealous of, since mine was all short and un-Thundercat-like. Remember the Thundercats? But anyway, I always remember a line from Blossom that I thought was kinda funny -- I think the dad was telling his older son about seeing someone who looked exactly like him at the mall. He wonders if it was his "doppelganger."

"What's a doppelganger?" the son asks.
"A German word for having a double, someone who looks exactly like you."
"Why do the Germans have a word for that? Is that a big problem over there?"

I don't know, I just thought it was very funny. I wondered what would happen if that actually was a problem in Germany. You'd get mistaken for your doppelganger and get beaten up for the bad things he did. Or he'd ruin your credit rating. And then you'd get into a fight with your doppelganger, and in the confusion, attack a mirror.

It would be weird to meet someone who looked exactly like me though. I just imagine it being awkward, like seeing someone in the same outfit as you, except worse. Oh well, if I ever do meet my doppelganger, I do know one thing.

He'll be frickin handsome.