Saturday, March 06, 2004

A Ninja's Lament, courtesy of Tetsuo 

I am a ninja
I am quite deadly
I am silent
but violent

I'm an assassin
I have throwing stars
and I'm not afraid
of throwing them

I also like to
take care of business
with my

I have the ability
to jump real high
I can even
slam dunk

Cloaked in darkness
in the garb of the kurogo
I stealthily creep
to Jack in the Box

My lady
can I get you something
while I'm there?
Perhaps an Oreo shake?

I am quick like a cat
I make no sound
I can also do about
thirty push-ups in a row

Are you sure
you don't want
Maybe a Jumbo Jack?

No? I creep you out?
Why? Because I wear
the garb of the kurogo
to botany class?

As I steal off into the night
with my belly
full of Monster Tacos
I still feel an emptiness inside