Tuesday, March 02, 2004


I will be going back home for two weeks in about two weeks. My friend is getting married and I'm supposed to give a toast, I think. I hope I don't get drunk and say what I really feel. I'm just kidding. His fiancee is very cool, in that I-hate-all-my-boyfriend's-friends sort of way. But nonetheless, as I've learned, as long as my friend is happy, it's all good. Kinda like when he turned Jehovah's Witness for about six months a few years ago. I tried desparately to get him to revert back to his former debauched ways, but in the end, I said, as long as he's happy, it's all good. He eventually fell off that wagon all by himself when he mixed alcohol with hallucinogens and thought his friends were demons out to get him. Poor guy. But now, he's sober and happy and I can't wait for the very religious wedding.