Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Pop Up Ads 

I was sitting at my desk at work the other day, and a female co-worker of mine stops by to have a chat. She's actually more of a higher-up than me, so we're not exactly buddy buddy. We talk about one of my current projects, and all the while, she keeps glancing over my shoulder at my computer screen. I think nothing of it, because even though I had my web browser open on what I thought was a news site, it was technically my lunch break. After a minute or so, she walks back to her office.

And so I turn back around. And there, on my computer screen, I see what had so intrigued her -- a giant pop-up ad that says, "Increase Your Penis Size."


And it looked like a web page that I had opened myself, so she must've thought I was looking to-- noooooooo!!!

I was so mortified that I just closed the ad and went back to work. I really wanted to explain myself to her, but I was afraid that would've just made me look even guiltier. She'd say something like, "Yeah yeah, sure, I understand." But she'd actually be thinking, "You sad little man." Oh, damn you pop-up ads!

So yeah, it'll be fun going back into work. I hope I don't start getting funny looks from my other co-workers. It'll be no use explaining myself at that point. No use at all!